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  • What if I want a theme that isn't listed on the website?
    No problem! You want a theme that isn't currently listed on our website, we will work with you to find the exact theme you want, and host that for you!
  • Do I need to be good at acting to play a murder mystery?
    No! Our games range from completely scripted to where no improv is needed, to non-scripted, fully improvisation. The type of game you play is completely up to you and we will work with you to find one within your zone of interest!
  • What do your events cost?
    We offer a wide range of packages that begin at $50 and go up from there, depending on the package you choose and how many people will be in attendance to the event.
  • What is Hahn Adventure Company?
    Hahn Adventure Company is an "experience company", meaning that we specialize in curating exceptional and memorable experiences for family and friends! We believe that people should be able to make memories together without worrying about the planning of those experiences.
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